The Mongol Rally is back – the greatest motoring adventure on the planet Image
Mongol rally

The Mongol Rally is back – the greatest motoring adventure on the planet

May 2022

After a two-year hiatus, this intercontinental car rally which starts in Europe and ends in Russia is getting ready to kick off in July 2022. While registration has closed for this year, 2023 registration is now open.

There are only a few simple rules. To enter, teams must only use a small unsuitable car of 1200cc engine limited (ideally under 1000cc), and raise at least £1000 for charity. The 10,000-mile road trip is entirely unsupported. This rally is not for the faint hearted!

The Route? The Rally kicks off in Devon in the UK and travels through central Asia (via Europe) and to the finish line in Ulan-Ude, Siberia. Unlike most rallies, success isn’t measured in position or time – it’s just a matter of getting to the finish line. Needless to say, many vehicles don’t quite make it but that’s all part of the fun.

If you’re in this rally, you will need a carnet de Passage en Douane to travel through Iran or Pakistan. Another important document to accompany you is an International Driving Permit. This will come in handy with border and other customs officials. The IDP is a translation of your existing license, so convenient to have as it is an official UN-sanctioned document. You can never be too prepared for this adventure!

To follow the July 2022 race, check out their Instagram and Facebook page and get planning for an experience of a lifetime in 2023.


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