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Why do I need a Carnet de Passages en douane “CPD” (aka Trip Ticket in the Arab countries)? Who can issue a CPD? What is the validity period of the Carnet De Passage (Trip Ticket)?

How to drive abroad with your own car or bike?

The video will inform you what is an FIA / AIT Carnet De Passage En Douane, or CPD (often called a Trip Ticket in the Middle East). CPD is like a passport for your car.

Why do I need a Carnet de Passages en Douane “CPD” (aka Trip Ticket in the Arab countries)?

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The CPD (Trip Ticket) is an international customs declaration used according to the provisions of the United Nations (UN) and the World Customs Organization (WCO) Conventions on temporary importation of private and commercial road vehicles

As all customs declarations is used to declare and identify the vehicle being brought into a country (certain countries allow for freedom of mobility, while other countries apply customs taxes and duties on the temporary importation of vehicles).

The distinctive feature of our CPD is that it exempts the driver / owner of the vehicle from paying a cash guarantee at the customs when he/ she enters one of the countries where taxes on temporary importation of vehicles are applied.

The AIT/FIA CPD (Trip Ticket) is accepted by customs worldwide. The AIT/FIA affiliated automobile associations and distributors, who are the only ones authorized to issue the CPD (Trip Ticket), act also as local guarantors and are committed to pay the customs taxes & dues if any vehicle covered by the guarantee of a CPD does not return to the country of permanent registration after the validity of the document has expired.

Once the CPD has been used and is no longer needed, the vehicle owner is to return it back to the CPD-issuing organization in the country of vehicle registration before its expiry date.

Who can issue a CPD?

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The CPD is an official product administered by Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT) and Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and therefore it can only be issued by its affiliated associations and authorized distributors.

The full list of countries with contact details of the official AIT / FIA CPD-issuing organizations can be found on the “How to Enquire” page of the web-site.

What is the validity period of the Carnet De Passages (Trip Ticket)?

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The CPD (Trip Ticket) is valid for 1 (one) year starting from the issuing date.

Can the CPD (Trip Ticket) be renewed?

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The CPD (Trip Ticket) can be renewed for another 1 (one) year, starting from the date of expiry. However the procedures for obtaining the renewal of a CPD are to begin well in advance, by contacting your issuing automobile association, who will explain to you the steps to follow.

How to renew a CPD (Trip Ticket) in the country where the vehicle owner drove or shipped it for temporary use?

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Contact the AIT/FIA appointed CPD-issuing organization in the country where the vehicle is currently in. It will liaise with its Customs authorities and the AIT/FIA organization that issued your CPD in regards to the renewal. Notice that this applies only to official AIT/FIA CPDs and make sure you get your CPD only through official AIT/FIA automobile associations.

How is the guarantee deposit amount calculated?

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A comprehensive formula is applied to assess the risks. The amount of the guarantee deposit is calculated based on vehicle’s make, model, motor power and final destination of the journey.

Could you add another name in the CPD (Trip Ticket)?

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An additional name can be included in the CPD, but only if that person has a valid residency visa in the country of vehicle’s permanent registration.

Is it allowed for someone else to drive the vehicle, that entered another country on a CPD?

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The vehicle may be driven by another person if his/ her name was added in the CPD (Trip Ticket) when it was issued

How to return a CPD (Trip Ticket) after it has been used / discharged?

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You are to return a CPD (Trip Ticket) to the organization that issued it (AIT/FIA appointed organization) once it is used and no longer needed and, in any case, before its expiry date.

It must be dated and have the corresponding entry and exit stamps from all countries the vehicle crossed on the way to the final travel destination and back to the country of registration.

In case you paid the customs dues in the host country while having a valid CPD, how are you refunded your cash guarantee?

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If for any reason, you are to pay the temporary importation customs taxes and dues in a host country where CPDs are required, you have to present proof of the duties payment so your CPD guarantee deposit is returned.

Is it allowed for the non-owner of the vehicle to obtain a CPD (Trip Ticket)?

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CPD-issuing organizations can issue a CPD (Trip Ticket) to the person who is not the vehicle owner, however only if he/ she has a power of attorney from the owner.

What is the grace period allowed to refund your cash guarantee?

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The CPD (Trip Ticket) must be returned back to the issuing organization as soon as possible after use, or at the latest at the expiry of the document's validity, i.e. within one year from the issuing date.

What if the vehicle was damaged or stolen in the host country?

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The vehicle’s exposure to theft or damage does not exempt the owner of the vehicle from any liability. In such cases, a police report is to be obtained by the owner/ driver and then presented to the Customs authorities in that country in order to initiate the corresponding formalities to getting the CPD discharged.

What if the CPD (Trip Ticket) is lost?

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If you lose a CPD (Trip Ticket), you must immediately inform the CPD issuing organization and you are to contact the local police for reporting the fact. Upon return, you will have to get your vehicle inspected by the national transport authority and a Certificate of Location issued and stamped by the authorities before you can remit the guarantee deposit.

How do I use a CPD (Trip Ticket)?

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The CPD is really easy to use. It only has to be presented to the Customs officers at every customs country entry / exit point of your journey and get it dated and stamped on the corresponding voucher of entry / exit and on the corresponding entry / exit boxes of the Counterfoil at the top of every sheet.

The Customs officers will keep the vouchers and will return to the traveler the CPD with the corresponding box on the Counterfoil stamped and dated.

Once the CPD duly stamped and dated is no longer required and before it expires, you are to bring it back to the CPD-issuing organization to ask for the return of your guarantee deposit.

Does a CPD (Trip Ticket) have to be stamped?

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Yes, at every country entry and exit point of your journey it is mandatory that the CPD be stamped by the Customs officers at the border posts. The stamp is the official evidence that the vehicle was re-exported out of the country.

What if I forgot to stamp a CPD at one of the borders?

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Upon return, in order to ask for the return of your guarantee deposit, your vehicle will have to be inspected by national transport or customs authority or any other competent authority and the Certificate of Location –last page of the CPD- is to be dated and stamped accordingly.

Your CPD-issuing organization will guide you through the process.